Our Story

The co-hosts of Hero’d Out have over 30 years combined experience in public safety. Their experiences spread the gamut of public services which include stints as a firefighter/paramedic, law enforcement officer, SWAT, crime suppression, investigations, narcotics, training, and administrative roles. Hero’d Out was created after the co-hosts left the public sector and realized there are so many things that go unsaid which doesn’t need to remain unsaid. The thin (insert color here) line gets smaller every day. We ask, where are we headed as a society and who will be there to keep the wolves at bay if our Hero’s keep fleeing public service? With one of the lowest life expectancies and one of the highest rates of suicides, our first responders and our future are in a crisis. Our law enforcement officers, firefighters, medics, teachers, nurses, armed service members, etc. are being targeted like never before and are leaving for alternate careers at a record pace. Tune in to find out why they are Hero’d Out.

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